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Completing a report on compliance after receiving an OHS order.

A report on compliance is a documentation tool used by a work site party who has received an order(s) to comply, under Section 59, 60 and/or 61 of the OHS Act.

Occupational health and safety & the non-profit sector, what you should know

OHS considers non-profit organizations employers because they engage a worker and/or a volunteer to do an activity.

Take charge card - know your rights

Working? know your rights – Occupational Health and Safety

Template for reporting on compliance

Template for reporting on compliance. Refer to LI052 completing a report on compliance after receiving an OHS order for more details.

Workers Safety Precautions

*** New occupational health and safety laws came into effect on June 1, 2018. The OHS resource below may not have been updated to reflect the current legislation. For more information on the new requirements, visit OHS changes.***

Staff at the Animal Service Centre had not received adequate training in assessing and handling potentially dangerous or unpredictable animals.