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Applying for a joint work site health and safety committee (HSC) or health and safety representative (HS rep) approval

An approval allows for a statutory Director to approve a process, equipment, standard, course or training agency, or an alternative to strict compliance with a specific legislated provision. Section 56 of the OHS Act covers approvals. Please refer to LI030-2TMP for form.

Appropriate Workwear for Flash Fire and Explosion Hazards

Flash fires and explosions are common hazards at a variety of Alberta workplaces. These hazards are present in work areas where flammable materials are handled, processed, stored, or in any way present.

Automated External Defibrillators in the Workplace

Occupational Health and Safety supports the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) at thework site provided the employer ensures that AED use is integrated into the first aid program andemergency response plan at the site, and can be safely used in the specific work environmentintended.

Building an Effective Health and Safety Management

This resource help you builld a A Health and Safety Management System. It is a introduction of processes designed to decrease the incidence of injury and illness in the employer's operation

Clarifying Requirements Applicable to Prescription Safety Eyewear

The word "approved" has a special significance in the OHS Code. It means that the prescription eyewear must be approved or certified as prescription safety eyewear by a nationally accredited independent third-party organization.

Developing a First Aid Plan

The purpose of this Safety Bulletin is to describe the basics of a First Aid Plan, which is one component of an overall Emergency Response Program.