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Emergency response planning: templates for the hospitality industry

This word document includes the following templates: 1. Emergency contact list 2. Emergency response plan - a record of drills 3. Emergency response plan checklist 4. Planning team list 5. Emergency response plan 6. Summary record of training for an emergency response team

Harassment and Violence in the workplace

Harassment and violence can take place at any work site and may range from disrespectful remarks to physical aggression. Addressing issues early on can prevent acts of bullying and harassment from progressing to acts of physical violence.

Health and Safety Committee/ Health and Safety Representative Training Program

HSCs and HS representatives help ensure fundamental workers’ rights to know and to participate. For the HSC/HS representatives to effectively fulfill their duties and responsibilities outlined in the legislation, they must receive specific training on their respective roles.

Occupational health and safety and the internal responsibility system (IRS)

The core of IRS is that workers and employers, are responsible for health and safety at the work site. It is about everyone’s personal responsibility and inspires everyone to participate in OHS, even when no one is looking

Participation in health and safety for small business owners and workers

The right to participate ensures workers have the right to be involved in health and safety discussions that affect them and is the basis of the internal responsibility system (IRS). The IRS provides the foundation for Alberta’s OHS legislation and requires that everyone contribute to health and safety in the workplace.

Respiratory Protective Equipment: An Employer’s Guide

*** New occupational health and safety laws came into effect on June 1, 2018. The OHS resource below may not have been updated to reflect the current legislation. For more information on the new requirements, visit OHS changes.***

This guide provides information on when to use PPE, what types of PPE there are and the steps to determine if a PPE is necessary.