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Building an Effective Health and Safety Management

This resource help you builld a A Health and Safety Management System. It is a introduction of processes designed to decrease the incidence of injury and illness in the employer's operation

Field guide to working safely on ice covers

This guide is for people who work on freshwater floating ice covers. It is based on the Government of Alberta’s Best Practice for Building and Working Safely on Ice Covers in Alberta.

Formal hazard assessment and control template

Formal - Hazard assessment template for employers

Fuel Prepayment Decision Tree – An Explanation for Owners and Employers

An explanation guide for employers to help guide them in the decision of choosing the correct options for in-store prepayment of fuel. The owner(s) of the retail fuel outlet(s) can decide which options are acceptable at their location(s).

Guidelines for the handling of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in western Canada

This document comprises guidelines for detection, classification, handling, transportation and waste management of naturally occurring radioactive materials. The guidelines were developed by the Western Canadian NORM Committee, which included representatives from the provincial governments of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan and from the oil and gas and fertilizer industries.

Hazard Assessment and Control: a handbook for Alberta employers and workers

There are many ways to do a hazard assessment. This handbook provides a starting point, but employers should customize the process based on their business operations.