General compliance resources

Compliance topics such as approvals, due diligence, incident reporting, officer roles and duties, and more. 

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Applying for an acceptance to demolish a building containing asbestos

***This resource is current to May 2020. For information on the latest OHS requirements, visit OHS website.***

Outlines how to apply for an acceptance to demolish a building where asbestos containing materials cannot be safely removed (e.g. after a fire in a building containing asbestos).


Applying for an OHS acceptance or approval

Acceptances and approvals are legislated tools that let OHS directors grant permissions under specific circumstances. This bulletin explains more about acceptances and approvals, including who can apply and how.

PUBLISHED: December 2021

Applying for an OHS acceptance or approval - application form

Use this form to apply for an OHS acceptance or approval.

PUBLISHED: December 2021

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Change highlights: the 2020 OHS Act

This resource gives an overview of 2020 changes to the OHS Act.

PUBLISHED: December 2021

Disciplinary action complaints

Explains the disciplinary action complaint process Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) follows. Includes what complaints OHS can accept, steps in the process and how to file a complaint.

UPDATED: February 2022

Incident reporting and investigation

This bulletin talks about reporting injuries, illnesses and incidents, and potentially serious incidents to Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). It also addresses employer and OHS officer investigations.

UPDATED: January 2023

Legal terms 101: “reasonably practicable”

Provides an overview of the terms "reasonably practicable" and "due diligence" in relation to Alberta's OHS legislation.


Notifiable occupational diseases

Reporting form and supporting information for physicians and other health care professionals to use for report notifiable diseases under Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act.

UPDATED: February 2022

Occupational health and safety and the internal responsibility system

Explains how the internal responsibility system works as the basis of Alberta's OHS legislation.

UPDATED: April 2022

OHS Act, Regulation and Code

Rules for health, safety and wellness in Alberta’s workplaces fall under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code.

OHS Act, Regulation and Code – Search tool

Online search tool for OHS legislation. Enables visitors to search the OHS Act, Regulation, and Code, as well as create and share customized PDF versions of various sections.

Potentially serious incident reporting: legislation updates

This bulletin provides information on legislation changes to potentially serious injury reporting.

UPDATED: December 2021

Professionalism in the Workplace: Integrity in Enforcement

Provides direction for OHS and ES enforcement staff, particularly those who interact with Albertans and Alberta businesses, with a consistent set of expectations to uphold public trust and provide the highest level of quality service. Please call 1-866-415-8690 if you have a question, suggestion or concern regarding enforcement staff.

PUBLISHED: March 2019

Report on compliance

Explains how employers complete a report on compliance, if an OHS officer has required them to do so.

UPDATED: February 2022

Report on compliance form

Form for reporting on compliance. Refer to 'Report on compliance' bulletin for details.

UPDATED: February 2022

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