Protective Personal Equipments (PPE)

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Appropriate Workwear for Flash Fire and Explosion Hazards

Flash fires and explosions are common hazards at a variety of Alberta workplaces. These hazards are present in work areas where flammable materials are handled, processed, stored, or in any way present.

Clarifying Requirements Applicable to Prescription Safety Eyewear

The word "approved" has a special significance in the OHS Code. It means that the prescription eyewear must be approved or certified as prescription safety eyewear by a nationally accredited independent third-party organization.

Development of a Code of Practice for Respiratory Protective Equipment

The employer is responsible for selecting, providing, and maintaining RPE but may designate a competent worker to undertake this responsibility

Domestic workers

Domestic workers are now covered by basic safety standards set out in the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act and Regulation. Domestic workers are not subject to the OHS Code.

Eye Protection at the Work Site

It is widely accepted that most eye injuries can be prevented through the use of effective protective eyewear.

Fall Protection Plan

Workers working from heights and employers responsible for the worksites need to understand what is required by law for fall protection.