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Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual

***This resource is not yet updated with the current legislation. For information on the latest requirements, visit OHS legislation changes.***

Outlines how to select the most appropriate technique for safe abatement of asbestos-containing materials. Discusses health effects, legislation, personal protective equipment, sampling and analysis.

UPDATED: August 2019

Control of Asbestos During Brake Maintenance and Repair

***This resource is current to August 2009.
For information on the latest OHS requirements, visit OHS website.***

Guidelines for minimizing asbestos exposure associated with brake maintenance and repair.

PUBLISHED: August 2009

Asbestos exposure in demolition and renovation

Gives information for those performing debris clean-up and demolition of structures involved in wildfires.

UPDATED: March 2023

OHS training scams and high-pressure sales tactics

This resource is intended to help employers and workers recognize and protect themselves from scams and high-pressure sales tactics by unscrupulous occupational health and safety (OHS) training providers.

UPDATED: February 2024

Course Guidelines: Occupational Health and Safety for the Asbestos Worker

Summarizes the course content, worker re-certification and administrative procedure requirements for agencies approved to deliver the “Occupational Health and Safety for the Asbestos Worker” course.

UPDATED: April 2021

Asbestos Project Notification form

Asbestos Project Notification form with instructions.

PUBLISHED: January 2019

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