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Guide to OHS: Workers

Introduces OHS legislation with a focus on what workers need to do to comply with the law.

UPDATED: March 2023

Use Your Worker Rights

Postcard introduces the three worker rights enshrined in the purpose of the OHS Act. Includes tips for workers about to exercise these rights.

UPDATED: January 2022

Know Your Responsibilities as a Worker

This postcard gives an at-a-glance introduction to some worker, supervisor and employer responsibilities for health and safety.

UPDATED: January 2022

Do You Know How to Refuse Dangerous Work?

Poster overview of a worker's right to refuse work that is a serious and immediate threat to health and safety. Introduces workers to key steps in the work refusal process.

UPDATED: April 2022

Stop Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

An awareness poster outlining what is meant by harassment and violence, and how to address these situations.

PUBLISHED: September, 2020

Understanding Indigenous Workers’ Occupational Health and Safety Needs: Tips for Indigenous training and employment organizations

Addresses Indigenous worker OHS awareness opportunities and responsibilities for training and employment organizations.

PUBLISHED: August 2019

Understanding Indigenous Workers’ Occupational Health and Safety Needs: Tips for Employers

An overview of how employers can support the often unique OHS needs of Indigenous workers through awareness, education and training.

PUBLISHED: August 2019

Hazard assessment and control: a handbook for Alberta employers and workers

This resource gives a step-by-step approach to formal hazard assessment that employers can customize to suit their business operations. This is a best practice document. It also introduces hazard assessment, elimination and control requirements in the OHS Code.

UPDATED: February 2023

Please note: Print copies of the previous (March 2022) version of this resource are available.
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