Health and safety topics

Hazards, emergency preparedness, ergonomics, first aid, HSCs and HS representatives, COR, PPE and more.

Buildings, equipment and vehicles

Resources for building management, as well as auto, crane, forklift and powered mobile vehicle safety resources. 

Certificate of recognition (COR)

Information for the voluntary COR program, through which employers can earn WCB rebates for health and safety systems that meet program standards.

Confined space

Confined space entry codes of practice and permit information.

Emergency response

Resources related to emergency preparedness and recovery.



Best practices and other information for prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. 

Fire and explosion

Handling and storing flammable materials, controlling explosion hazards, hot work management and more.

First aid

Resources about workplace first aid requirements for employers, workers, first aiders, first aid training agencies, and others.

Hazards: biological

Information about biohazards such as animal and human waste, bacteria, insects, moulds, plants and viruses.

Hazards: chemical

WHMIS, as well as ammonia, asbestos, carbon monoxide, dusts, drugs, hydrogen sulphide, lead, pesticides, silica, solvents and cleaners, and more.

Hazards: physical

Working in physically hazardous situations - alone, on ice, in heat and cold, in noise – as well as materials handling, vibration, and more.

Hazards: psychosocial

Resources supporting harassment and violence prevention, as well as other psychological hazards.  

Health and safety committees and representatives

Information about health and safety committee and representative requirements, roles and responsibilities. 

Health and safety program

Information about health and safety program requirements and general program elements.


Information on hazards such as drugs, fatigue, and stress, as well as impairment prevention policies and procedures. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Fall protection, respiratory protective equipment, hearing and eye protection, safety footwear and more. 


Personal exposure monitoring for ionizing radiation (dosimetry), Registration of radiation equipment, Guidelines for handling naturally, and more. 

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are frequent injuries at all Alberta work sites. These resources include focused information for employers, supervisors and workers.