Employer-specific information such as the Employer’s OHS guide, Selecting an OHS consultant, and more.

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Employer Alert: High Pressure Sales Tactics Providing Misleading Information About Workplace Training

An alert about misleading sales tactics by commercial providers of workplace safety training for the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). Clarifies Alberta's legislated WHMIS training requirements.

UPDATED: October 2018

Employers' rights

Summarizes key rights of employers in relation to Alberta OHS regulatory compliance.

PUBLISHED: April 2022

Guide to OHS: Employers

Introduces OHS legislation with a focus on what employers need to do to comply with the law.

UPDATED: April 2022

Occupational health and safety & the non-profit sector

***This resource is current to November 2018. For information on the latest OHS requirements, visit OHS website.***

Lists health and safety requirements and recommendations for employers with volunteer workers.

PUBLISHED: November 2018

Occupational health and safety starter kit

***This resource is not yet updated with the current legislation. For information on the latest requirements, visit OHS legislation changes.***

Helps employers understand some of the basic requirements of Alberta’s occupational health and safety laws. Guides those who need to develop a health and safety program from the ground up or are looking to grow and improve upon their existing program, culture and performance.

PUBLISHED: January 2020

Occupational health and safety starter kit: templates

***This resource is current to January 2020. For information on the latest OHS requirements, visit OHS website.***

Templates and sample forms from the 'Occupational health and safety starter kit' in MS Word format so you can adapt them to your organization's needs.

PUBLISHED: January 2020

Tips on Selecting an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant

***This resource is current to March 2012.
For information on the latest OHS requirements, visit OHS website.***

Tip sheet for employers when considering hiring an occupational health and safety consultant.

PUBLISHED: March 2012

Understanding Indigenous Workers’ Occupational Health and Safety Needs: Tips for Employers

An overview of how employers can support the often unique OHS needs of Indigenous workers through awareness, education and training.

PUBLISHED: August 2019

What to expect in an OHS inspection: information for employers

What employers can expect when Alberta Occupational Health and Safety officers do inspections at work sites. Includes why and when officers show up, how officers gather information, and how they document their interactions, observations and findings.

UPDATED: April 2022