Fire & Explosion

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3 in 1 cd: OHS Legislation Awareness, Hazard Assessment and Control, Incident

A training guide that explains how to develop a hazard assessment and what type of control can be used.

Combustible Gas Meters

Combustible gas meters are frequently used at Alberta work sites to evaluate and assess fire and explosion hazards

Controlling the Explosion Hazard in Vessels, Tanks and Piping Systems

Before performing work involving a vessel, tank or piping system that contained or may contain hydrocarbons or other hazardous materials, the interior may need to be tested to determine if a flammable environment is present.

Explosion of Mobile Carpet Cleaning Propane-Fuelled Boilers

There have recently been a number of serious injuries, and considerable property loss, resulting from the explosion of propane-fuelled water-heaters/boilers mounted inside mobile carpet and upholstery cleaning vehicles.

Handling and Storage of Flammable Materials at the Work Site

Flammable materials are substances that can ignite easily and burn rapidly.

Hot Work Management

Hot work is any work process in which a flame is used or sparks or other sources of ignition may be produced. How do I prevent a safety hazard?