Fuel and Convenience

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Fuel Prepayment Decision Tree – An Explanation for Owners and Employers

An explanation guide for employers to help guide them in the decision of choosing the correct options for in-store prepayment of fuel. The owner(s) of the retail fuel outlet(s) can decide which options are acceptable at their location(s).

Gas station and convenience store postcard

Postcard to inform gas station and convenience store customers of mandatory fuel pre-pay and violence prevention plan coming into effect on June 1, 2018 (size 5” x 4”). Come in bundles of 100.

Limited valuables

Limited cash and valuables label for gas stations and convenience stores (size 3.24” x 4.25”).

Pump sticker

Mandatory fuel pre-pay sticker for gas pumps (size 3” x 3.5”).

Staff Training Record (sample)

This resource relates to workplace violence prevention plan employer guide: for retail fuel and convenience stores (BP031)


Video surveillance label for gas stations and convenience stores (size 3.25” x 4.25”).