Worker-specific resources such as the Worker’s OHS guide, bulletins for domestic workers, students and volunteers, and more.

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Domestic workers

Addresses some of the hazards associated with domestic work and the obligations of employers and workers under Alberta OHS legislation.

UPDATED: April 2022

Guide to OHS: Workers

Introduces OHS legislation with a focus on what workers need to do to comply with the law.

UPDATED: March 2023

Are students and volunteers workers?

Explains when students and volunteers are considered workers under the OHS Act.

UPDATED: April 2022

Working? Know the rules

A poster reminding employees to know the Employment Standards rules.

PUBLISHED: March 2019

Working? Know your rights

A poster reminding workers of their occupational health and safety rights.

PUBLISHED: March 2019

Working? Rights, rules, risks

A poster reminding workers to know their rights, know the occupational health safety rules, and the hazards before starting work.

PUBLISHED: March 2019

Understanding Indigenous Workers’ Occupational Health and Safety Needs: Tips for Indigenous training and employment organizations

Addresses Indigenous worker OHS awareness opportunities and responsibilities for training and employment organizations.

PUBLISHED: August 2019

Do You Know How to Refuse Dangerous Work?

Poster overview of a worker's right to refuse work that is a serious and immediate threat to health and safety. Introduces workers to key steps in the work refusal process.

UPDATED: April 2022

Know Your Responsibilities as a Worker

This postcard gives an at-a-glance introduction to some worker, supervisor and employer responsibilities for health and safety.

UPDATED: January 2022

Use Your Worker Rights

Postcard introduces the three worker rights enshrined in the purpose of the OHS Act. Includes tips for workers about to exercise these rights.

UPDATED: January 2022

What to expect in an OHS inspection: information for workers

What workers can expect when Alberta Occupational Health and Safety officers do inspections at work sites. Includes why and when officers show up, and how workers usually participate.

PUBLISHED: April 2022