Health and safety program

Information about health and safety program requirements and general program elements.

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Health and safety programs

Explains the legal requirement to establish and implement a health and safety program. Gives an overview of what a health and safety program can include.

UPDATED: January 2023

Health and safety programs - templates and samples

Customizable Microsoft Word versions of the templates and samples in the 'Health and safety programs' bulletin.

UPDATED: September 2022

Leading Indicators for Workplace Health and Safety: A user guide

How to use leading indicators to improve OHS outcomes.

For the most current version of this publication, please download the PDF below. You may also order an earlier version of this publication in print format, using the “Order Resource” button below.

UPDATED: August 2020

Occupational health and safety starter kit

***This resource is not yet updated with the current legislation. For information on the latest requirements, visit OHS legislation changes.***

Helps employers understand some of the basic requirements of Alberta’s occupational health and safety laws. Guides those who need to develop a health and safety program from the ground up or are looking to grow and improve upon their existing program, culture and performance.

PUBLISHED: January 2020

Occupational health and safety starter kit: templates

***This resource is current to January 2020. For information on the latest OHS requirements, visit OHS website.***

Templates and sample forms from the 'Occupational health and safety starter kit' in MS Word format so you can adapt them to your organization's needs.

PUBLISHED: January 2020