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3 in 1 cd: OHS Legislation Awareness, Hazard Assessment and Control, Incident

A training guide that explains how to develop a hazard assessment and what type of control can be used.

Airborne Substances – Hidden Danger: Hazardous Materials in Your Building

The resource that covers the dangerouse airborn substance that may be present in your building.

Airborne Substances – Indoor Air Quality

IAQ issues tend to be complex and should be properly assessed to identify problems and their solutions.

Airborne Substances – Indoor Air Quality Tool Kit

The goal of this Tool Kit is to help you understand typical indoor air quality (IAQ) issues, and to suggest reasonable solutions to common problems.

Airborne Substances – Spray Application of Paint and Coatings

This guide outlines some of the hazards associated with spray application and provides information on how to protect the workers.

Airborne Substances – The Effect of Unusual Work Schedules and Concurrent Exposures on Occupational Exposure Limits

Employers are required to ensure that a worker's exposure to any substance is kept as low as reasonably achievable/practicable and does not exceed the substance's OEL