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Indoor air quality

This bulletin explains why indoor air quality is important, and talks about some of the factors that affect indoor air quality. It also introduces some occupational health and safety requirements that may apply to indoor air quality concerns.

UPDATED: December 2022

Respiratory protective equipment: Code of practice development

Guidelines on developing a code of practice (COP) describing the selection, maintenance and use of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) be developed whenever respirators are used at the work site to meet legislated requirements.

UPDATED: March 2020

Respiratory Protective Equipment: An Employer’s Guide

This guide provides information on when to use RPE, what types of RPE there are and the steps to determine if RPE is necessary.

UPDATED: March 2020

Respiratory viruses and the workplace

Respiratory viruses, including influenza and coronaviruses, can cause common colds, seasonal flu and public health outbreaks. This bulletin gives employers, supervisors and workers information about controlling respiratory virus hazards in the workplace.

UPDATED: December 2022

Respiratory viruses and the workplace – webinar

This recorded webinar gives employers, supervisors, and workers information about minimizing risk from respiratory viruses in the workplace.

To view the YouTube video, click the "View resource" button below.
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UPDATED: September 2023

Ventilation in the workplace

This bulletin explains how ventilation can help control the risk of harm from airborne contaminants in indoor workplaces.

PUBLISHED: December 2022