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Occupational health and safety starter kit

This kit is designed to help employers with small or medium-sized businesses develop a health and safety program from the ground up, or strengthen their existing health and safety program, culture and performance. Gives information about some key health and safety requirements that apply broadly across all industries.

UPDATED: March 2024

Health and safety programs

Explains the legal requirement to establish and implement a health and safety program. Gives an overview of what a health and safety program can include.

UPDATED: January 2023

OHS eNews

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Hazard assessment and control: a handbook for Alberta employers and workers: template package

This zip package contains a formal hazard assessment and control report template, and a site-specific hazard assessment and control template. If you choose to use these templates, make sure you customize them to your work and work site. (Microsoft Word format.)

UPDATED: October 2023

Lithium batteries

This resource provides information about OHS legislative requirements and general safety considerations relating to lithium batteries.

PUBLISHED: November 2023