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Cleaning up burned structures

Gives information for those performing debris clean-up and demolition of structures involved in wildfires.

UPDATED: March 2023

Wildfire recovery work including fire-damaged structure

This resource provides information on how to start recovery work in a wildfire-damaged structure. It includes information on steps employers and workers must take to ensure fire-damaged buildings are structurally safe to enter.

UPDATED: April 2022

Wildfire recovery: Sample health screening questionnaire

A questionnaire to help employers determine if a worker is fit to work in areas where there is a high chance of exposure to smoke.

Wildfire smoke

This publication discusses wildfire smoke as a workplace hazard. Includes information on potential health effects, risks and controls.

UPDATED: May 2023

Working in smoky environments

This bulletin provides health and safety information regarding exposure risks and hazards when working in smoky environments.

UPDATED: May 2023